General Membership Information


The membership enrollment is available at Texins Fitness Center or on the web ( The registration form must be completed by the primary member. A Health Information Questionnaire and liability form must be completed by the primary member, spouse and dependents 8 years of age or older and returned to a front desk associate for processing.  Memberships are activated as soon as the member submits their completed enrollment forms and the information is verified by the front desk staff member. When the forms are turned in for processing, the member is issued a membership card with a pre-printed barcode on the back. Active members scan their badges to gain access to the facility.


All members will be issued a membership badge with a member bar code.  Membership badge must be presented for admission to Texins Fitness Center and facility locker rooms.  Picture ID is required anytime a badge is not available and members need to be manually checked in. Anyone 8 and older must have their own badge.  Special participants (ex: leagues, aquatics, badminton, karate, etc.) are required to sign into the Non-Member Access Log. As a courtesy, Texins members are allowed 14 consecutive days to locate a lost badge. On the first day the badge is reported lost a Membership Representative will type a message in the member account. An expiration day is set in which to locate the lost card. If the card is not found by the expiration date, the member must purchase a new card. Replacement of a lost, stolen, or destroyed membership card will be handled at the Member Services Desk.



Texas Instruments - These memberships are scheduled to have payroll deductions each pay period. This does not include contractors (please see below).


Air Liquide, DRS and Raytheon - These memberships are scheduled to have payroll deductions each pay period. Air Liquide and DRS subsidize their employee’s memberships.


Must have retired from Texas Instruments and must present TI Retiree badge.


Must be a contractor for Texas Instruments and must present TI badge.


Memberships are sold as either an individual or a family membership. A family membership includes spouse and dependents living in the same household. Dependents include: Children under the age of 26, and/or covered on a parent’s insurance plan. A qualifying relative: A relative who is related to the primary holder, living in the same household and can be claimed as a dependent on the primary holder’s income tax (Dependent relatives must provide proof of residency).



EFT memberships are continuous on a monthly basis, starting from the date of registration. The monthly payment will be processed at the full amount on the same day every month (same date of original registration).


Payroll deduction payments are not taken at the time of registration. The payroll department usually skips one pay period. After that, the member’s dues are automatically deducted from their paycheck each pay period.


Membership renewal or changes require the completion of a new membership form. Forms are available at the front desk.

Payroll deducted memberships may be cancelled anytime by completing a cancellation form. Cancellation forms are available at the front desk.

A 30-day written notice is required for all members. Members keep membership cards until their last day of use.

EFT Members: The membership will continue until the member submits a written 30 day notice. The member will be charged a prorated fee for any day(s) within the 30 days that fall outside the regular monthly bill cycle.  Membership will not automatically terminate until the 30 days are complete.

Payroll Deduction (TI employee, co-locators): It takes 1-2 pay period cycles to end the membership charge on the payroll. During this period the member is able to use the facility until the 30 days are complete.


Texins reserves the right to discontinue membership privileges for any of the following reasons:

  • Knowledgeable misuse of center equipment or facilities.
  • Unauthorized personal training.
  • Failure to use proper hygiene and clean work out attire.
  • Destruction of Texins equipment or property.
  • Theft of equipment or property from facility, other members or staff.
  • Unlawful acts.
  • Fighting on premises.
  • Use of profanity toward other members or staff.
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs on facility property.
  • Failure to pay membership fees.
  • Failure to abide by Texins Fitness Centers policies.
  • Discretion of management


Members are responsible for their guests. Violations of The Fitness Center rules shall be grounds for refusing that person further guest privileges.

Texins Fitness Center welcomes guests. Guests are expected to pay the posted guest fee unless a valid guest pass is presented to the membership desk upon arrival. All guests must check-in at the membership desk upon each visit and are required to sign-in on the non-member access list (NMAS).
First time guests are required to complete a guest registration form, read the “Release of Liability” and sign the form.  

A guest under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  Lockers are available for daily use in exchange for a picture ID.

We value the opportunity to have a prospective member experience our facility.   A 7 Day Membership pass is available to first time visitors via our website or by contacting a member of the Texins leadership team. All 7 Day Membership passesmust be used within the defined dates.

New TI employees participating in the new hire orientation will receive a 60 day complimentary membership.

Traveling Texas Instrument Employees:

It is our goal to contribute to the fitness and well-being of active TI employees. Texas Instruments provides on-site fitness centers at numerous TI locations across the USA and worldwide. We welcome Active TI employees to the Texins facilities at no charge for those who will be in the Dallas area for less than 21 days. Traveling TI employees will provide their TI issued ID, complete the Traveling TI guest registration, and Texins Health Questionnaire Form. Their spouses and children will also be eligible to use the Texins Fitness Center at no charge. Please direct all inquiries to the Membership Director.

*Reciprocity only applies to those traveling on business.  In the event the TI employee becomes a permanent resident of the North Texas area or is visiting for longer than 21 days, the standard rates for TI employees will apply.


All guests, including conference room only users are required to be signed in at Texins. The meeting organizer of all groups scheduled to use the conference rooms will be responsible for securing sign-in from each attendee on the NMAS provided by the membership team.


Membership badges give members access to lockers for daily use.  Children under the age of 8 and special participants (leagues, aquatics, etc) must request a locker key upon check in.

A private storage locker is available for an annual rental fee in kit-size and half-size for daily storage of personal toiletries and clothing.

The following general guidelines also apply:
•    Children fifteen and under must be accompanied by an adult in the locker rooms.
•    Children three years and older must use the appropriate same sex locker room.

•    Alternative changing facilities without showers are available for parents with opposite sex children over the age of three.

 Lost and Found
Texins Fitness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Items in the Lost & Found will be stored for 30 days (maximum) at the Member Services Desk. Items not claimed in 30 days are given to a charitable organization.

Member Comments and Suggestions

Texins Fitness Center welcomes all comments and suggestions from its members.  Please contact the Member Manager directly (214.479.0643).

Dress Code

Members and guests are expected to dress appropriately for the use of the athletic facilities. The following general guidelines also apply:
1.    Shoes and shirts are required at all times except the wet areas.
2.    Black-soled marking shoes are not permitted in the gymnasium, aerobic rooms or outdoor courts.
3.    Bare feet, open-toed shoes or street shoes are not permitted in fitness area.
4.    Clean workout clothes are required.

Swimming Pool
Please swim at your own risk. No running, diving or horseplay allowed. The following general guidelines also apply:
1.    All participants must shower before entering the pool.
2.    Appropriate swimming attire is required.
3.    Dependents 9 years and under are not allowed in the pool unaccompanied (only during Family Hours) unless enrolled in a specific class or program. Except during Family Swim Hours, dependents must lap swim.
4.    Handicap lift is available in the pool. Please see a Fitness Staff member for assistance.
5.    Pool usage may be limited by classes or programs. Always check the pool activity schedule before entering the pool.
6.    On weekdays, the pool closes one hour prior to the facility closing. On weekends, the pool closes 15 minutes prior to the facility closing.

Group Exercise
The following general guidelines apply:
1.    Appropriate clothing required including non-marking, dry shoes.
2.    Consult the Group Exercise Schedule for class times/locations. Classes and instructors are subject to change.
3.    Children under 14 years of age not permitted in group exercise room unless participating in a program or event.

Food and Beverages
Food and beverages are available at the Nrgize Cafe. Food is prohibited beyond these areas, with the exception of the Conferencing Center. Water is permitted throughout the facility if it is contained in plastic containers with spill- proof caps.

Fitness Guidelines: Updated 01/07/15
For the safety and enjoyment of all members, the following general guidelines apply:
1.    Members and guests should observe all posted signs and exercise caution when engaging in physical activity. Exercise equipment must be used according to its intended purpose and design. Texins reserves the right to prohibit members from using equipment incorrectly or using equipment that may increase the likelihood of injury.
2.    Appropriate clothing is required including shirts and athletic shoes.
3.    Profanity is prohibited.
4.    No horseplay.
5.    Please do not use the equipment or railings to sit or rest.
6.    When doing multiple sets, please be considerate and allow other members to "work in" between sets.
7.    Do not drop or bang the weights.
8.    If a piece of equipment does not work properly please discontinue use and notify a staff member immediately.
9.    Please use a towel to wipe perspiration off equipment immediately after use.
10.    Consult a Fitness Specialist if you have any questions about how to operate specific equipment.

Free Weight Area:
The following general guidelines apply:
1.    A spotter must be present and collars are required for free weight lifting.
2.    Do not use chalk on the equipment.
3.    Return weights to their proper racks.
4.    Use caution when exercising near the mirrors.
5.    Use built in safety supports where available.

Cardiovascular Equipment
The following general guidelines apply:
1.    Follow guidelines and directions provided.
2.    During peak hours, limit time spent on cardiovascular equipment to 30 minutes.

Walking/Running Track
The following general guidelines apply:
1.    Enter and exit tracks at designated locations.
2.    Please use the inside lane for walking and the outside lane for running.
3.    Please walk/jog/run in a single file line.
4.    No stopping while on the track.
5.    Check the directional arrow prior to using the track.

Cardio Theater
The following general guidelines apply:
1.    The Cardio Theater system allows access to the audio of a variety of television and radio channel options within the cardiovascular machine area.
2.    Headphones with a standard Walkman (2.5mm) jack  are needed to access the Cardio Theater system. 3.    Stations are controlled by the fitness staff.

The following general guidelines apply:
1.    Consult the Gymnasium (Gym) Schedule posted on the website or in the gymnasium for availability.
2.    Non-marking athletic shoes must be worn. Shirts must be worn when leaving the gym.
3.    Equipment and balls provided by the center.
4.    Dunking is allowed but hanging on the nets or rims is prohibited.
5.    Food, drinks and gum are prohibited except closed containers.
6. Profanity, spitting or fighting are not permitted.