What Should I Eat When I have Cravings?

We all have those moments where we crave certain types of food. These cravings can be emotional or physical, and sometimes it can be difficult to identify the difference between the two types of cravings.  If it is a physical craving, it can help to regulate blood sugar by increasing meal frequency or making sure to consume protein and fiber every time you eat a meal or snack.  If it is an emotional craving, it can help to track your food and emotion when you eat that food in a written food log. If you track your food and emotion, you can identify your emotional cravings and begin to change it over time.

Here are some healthy alternatives when you have a sweet, salty, or starch craving.

Sweet Craving:

·         Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese with Fruit and/or Nut butter

·         Smoothie with Greek Yogurt or Protein Powder

·         Frozen Grapes

·         Almond Butter on Fruit

·         Almond Butter on Brown Rice Cake

·         Dark Chocolate (80% cacao) with Berries

·         Homemade Granola or Trail Mix

Salty/Starchy Craving:

·         Roasted Chickpeas

·         Edamame

·         Nuts or Seeds

·         Hummus and Vegetables

·         Guacamole and Vegetables

·         Hummus or Avocado on Brown Rice Cake

·         Turkey

·         Hard Boiled Egg

·         Jerky

·         Popcorn

If you have any specific questions on cravings, feel free to reach out to me at staci@ti.com. Have a great week!

Staci Tobolowsky, MCN, RD/LD