Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas for the Office

Have you ever been in a meeting and felt that hunger pain strike for lunch? The problem is that you can’t get away. You go to the closest vending machine, and there are not any healthy options available.  In order to avoid this situation, it is important to be prepared at the office with healthy snack options.

I recommend that you pick a snack with protein and fiber in it to regulate blood sugar levels which can stabilize energy levels and eliminate cravings. When your energy levels are stabilized, you will also be more productive at work. 

Here are some of my top snack ideas that you can keep in your bag, at your desk, or in the fridge:

+        Nuts or seeds + fruit

+        Nut butter + celery or apple

+        Jerky + fruit

+        Tuna + fruit

+        Kind bars

+        Homemade trail mix (dried fruit, seeds, and nuts)

+        Roasted garbanzo beans or edamame

+        Plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese + fruit

+        Hummus + vegetables

+        Sliced turkey + vegetables

+        Guacamole + vegetables

+        Hard boiled egg + fruit

+        Lettuce wrap with tuna or turkey and avocado or hummus

+        Smoothie- plain greek yogurt, fruit, spinach, ice, and unsweetened almond/coconut milk


Let me know if you have any questions about any of these snack ideas. Have a great week! 

Staci Tobolowsky, MCN, RD/LD