Let Morgan Johnson our Registered Dietitian work with you to create a nutrition plan tailored to your individual health and fitness goals. She will assess your past dietary and health history, lifestyle factors, and health goals, as well as provide accountability and support to help you be successful.


My goal as a dietitian is to help clients improve their relationship with food and to help them focus on how food can optimize their health, energy levels and performance in everyday life.

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Whether your goal is to assess your current nutrition game-plan, get help and guidance with making small behavior changes or find accountability with the changes you're working on now, we have the package for you. Texins offers single session, packages and buddy packages available for purchase starting at $36 per session. 

Texins Fuel Blog

“Mindful Eating”

The days are shorter, the leaves are turning colors, and the temperature is falling (well, we live in Texas so maybe not that last part).  With the change in the season comes a change in routine – school starts, sports seasons pick-up and before you know it, it’s the holiday season.  That first sign of change comes with football season.  If you’re like me, football is in your blood and the weekend revolves around sports and tailgates.  For some people, they throw their willpower out of the window and tailgating (or other parties) becomes an excuse to eat anything and everything.  But, just because we are spending more time in front of the T.V. and around game-day foods doesn’t mean we need to put our health and fitness goals on the sideline.  For many people, learning to eat mindfully removes the stress of eating at social events, and helps them keep their health and fitness in check.




Check out the Texins Fuel blog where our RD, Morgan gives her professional opinion on different nutrition topics: fad diets, fun facts, or what's trending in the nutrition world. 

Have a question you want her to answer or a topic you want her to tackle? Send your questions and/or suggestions to Morgan at mrjohnson@ti.com