Texins currently offers on-going Group Exercise classes in buildings across the TI Campuses. Classes are open to all TI Employees with badge access and a Texins Fitness Center Membership. 

Not a member? No sweat!

 (only $20 per month for TI employees)

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 Current locations and Class Offerings:



Location: South Campus

Monday(s) & Thursday(s): Functional Core - Noon -12:45 p.m. (Room J2-2002)

Wednesday(s): Strength & Conditioning - 4:00 -4:45 p.m. (Room J2-2002)

Class descriptions:

  • Functional Core: Structured exercises designed to activate and engage core muscles, followed by deep stretching. This class focuses on the Pillar (shoulders, trunk, hips) of the body and strategies geared towards moving freely and with ease by strengthen your core. Inspired by Yoga and Pilates techniques,  all fitness levels welcomed.
  • Pilates Yoga Fusion: Enjoy 15 minutes of Yoga (a practice focusing on breath control and postures/poses) followed by a 30 minute Pilates workout (a practice incorporating low-impact mat exercises targeting abdominals, the lower back, hips and thighs). The class combination blends a full body strength and core workout finished by stretching and relaxation. Beginners welcome. 
  • Strength & Conditioning: Get your day going with this fun, full body workout! Mix up your routine by hitting a full circuit of muscular endurance, strength and core work using a variety of different equipment including resistance bands, ladders and body weight exercises. Go at your own pace (beginners welcome) while being challenged and encouraged!
  • Latin Hip Hop: A mix of Latin music and Hip Hop beats makes for one fun cardio dance party! Get your cardio burn on while learning Latin and Hip Hop dance moves. *Instructor stops and shows moves before each song – great for beginners, no dance experience needed.
  • Restorative Yoga: Increase flexibility, strength, stamina, and reduce stress through meditative yoga. Deep stretches with emphasis on breathing, alignment and posture. Perfect for beginners through advanced. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


FAQ #1: Will I sweat in class?

Answer: All classes offered vary in intensity level, however all lunch -time classes are designed to be low-sweat focused workouts, while after-work classes allow for higher levels of intensity.


FAQ #2: Do I have to be fit or in shape to attend classes?

Answer: Absolutely not! The best part about group exercise classes is they cater to a variety of exercise levels, from beginners who have never tried a class before to regulars who are looking to increase their intensity.


FAQ #3: What should I wear or bring to class?

Answer: Mats are provided for all classes (including yoga mats for yoga), but feel free to bring your own! Comfortable, flexible clothing (pants or capris recommended for Yoga and Pilates) that you can work out in. Water bottles recommended, but not required. *Yoga/Pilates class will be conducted with bare feet or socks with grips.