Texins offers 50+ classes a week as part of your membership. Taught by fitness experts.

Texins currently offers on-going group exercise classes in buildings across the TI campuses. Classes are open to all TI employees with badge access and a Texins Fitness membership.


If you have any questions, please contact bhudson@ti.com or submit your question below.

Frequently Asked Questions:


FAQ #1: Will I sweat in class?

Answer: All classes offered, vary in intensity levels. Some classes that are more intense, such as Metabolic Conditioning and Boot Camp, you are more prone to sweating. Other classes that are less intense, such as Yoga Stretch Stress-Release and Regeneration, you are less likely to sweat.

FAQ #2: Do I have to be fit or in shape to attend classes?

Answer: Absolutely not! The best part about group exercise classes is they cater to a variety of exercise levels, from beginners who have never tried a class before to regulars who are looking to increase their intensity.

FAQ #3: What should I wear or bring to class?

Answer: Mats are provided for all classes (including yoga mats for yoga), but feel free to bring your own! Comfortable, flexible clothing (pants or capris recommended for Yoga and Pilates) that you can work out in. Water bottles recommended, but not required. *Yoga/Pilates class will be conducted with bare feet or socks with grips.